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Welcome to Hoque Aviation
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Hoque Aviation Services is a leading government approved human resources company in Bangladesh. We are one of the most experienced companies with a proven track record of success in many different countries. Our outstanding team carefully selects, trains, recruits candidates for most categories of personnel.

The founder of Hoque Aviation Services, Mr. Mozaharul Hoque was employed by Hochtief Ag. of Germany for 16 years, Where he was directly involved in recruitment of thousands of multinational workers for their projects in the Middle East. Mr. Hoque’s passion and understanding for his work inspired him to create a service oriented company that provides complete human resource based solution for any organization.

In today’s growing market, a skilled and strong workforce can mean the difference between success and failure. Hoque Aviation Services works together with clients to provide dependable workforce in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

In Bangladesh, the number of available experienced and skilled workers is abundant. We work with these people firsthand and prepare them for different jobs abroad. Our own Hoque Trade Training Center (HTTC) is the key for success of our candidates.

The HTTC training center educates and trains the workers as required by the employers. The curriculums are constantly updated and can be tailored as needed by a specific employer. Our instructors are experienced professionals who are at top of their field. All these measures guarantees that our workers arrive ready to work.

To further simplify the process, we have our own travel agrency- Hoque Aviation Services (Travels) to handle the passage, booking, and related travel documents to ensure timely and smooth departure.

We provide complete solution from start to finish for any organization in need of any size of qualified workforce at aboard or at home. Contact Hoque Aviation Services before starting your next project. Your success is our success.

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